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What Musicians Say

“Acoustic Stream is a smart device that will help me capture my musical inspiration, without stifling my organic creative process.” Gabrielle Eisenberg

“Creative thoughts happen randomly, it’s nice to know that we can capture those ideas simply and immediately with a device like Acoustic Stream.” The Ballroom Thieves

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Record Wirelessly

With Acoustic Stream, you're always ready to capture a song idea, riff, chord progression, or lyric. Record directly to your Bluetooth-connected iOS device. Not connected when inspiration hits? No worries. With a double tap on the outside of your instrument, you can start recording and store your song on board to be synced later to your iPhone or iPad. Once synced, the Acoustic Stream app lets you sort, trim, name, organize, and even push recordings to your favorite cloud-based storage solution such as Google Drive, Soundcloud or DropBox.

Tune with Precision

Tune quickly and accurately using Acoustic Stream’s patent-pending TapStream technology. Simply tap three times on your instrument to activate tuning mode or use the Acoustic Stream app. Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows tuning far more sensitive than standard clip-on tuners - even more discerning than the human ear!

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Protect your Instrument

Acoustic instruments are easily damaged by large and rapid changes in temperature and humidity. Acoustic Stream constantly monitors your instrument's status. If Acoustic Stream detects dangerous conditions, push notifications are sent to your iOS device, allowing you to take corrective action before your prized possession is damaged.


Perform without Limits

It's easy to set up for wireless performance in individual or small group settings. Simply insert Acoustic Stream into your guitar's output jack, connect your iPhone, iPad or receiver directly to your soundboard, amplifier, or PA system with the included 1/8” to stereo adapter, and you’re ready to play. Get the freedom to move around onstage untethered whenever you perform.

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